Trash Collection

Trash Collection Schedule Map




Westampton contracts with a trash collection company; Public Works is not responsible for trash collection. If you have any questions or concerns regarding trash, please call Waste Management at 1-800-633-9096 which is their Customer Service line.  You can also call the Clerk's office at 609-267-1891 ext. 6. Click here for recycling information.

Trash Collection Schedule

Trash Collection Once a Week:  Place cans weighing less than 40 pounds at curb by 6:00 AM; cans cannot be placed at curb prior to evening before pick-up. No earth material or car parts. See above guidelines.

No Trash Collection on Major Holidays:  New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Trash collection on the holidays (and the days following the holiday) will usually be one day later.  We will post any changes due to these holidays on the main page of the website under "News" and on our Westampton Township Facebook page.  Please call the Clerk's office if you need further information/clarification.

The trash collection schedule is as follows (click here for detailed maps): 


All areas EAST of Irick Road and SOUTH of Woodlane Road (ORANGE area on map).

Tarnsfield Development
Holly Hills Development (both sides of Rt. 541)
Rancocas Road
Church Street
Blue Jay Hill Road
Creek Road
Mohican Trail
Irick Woods


All areas WEST of Irick Road (BLUE area on map).

Rancocas Village
Spring Meadows
Rolling Hills
Rolling Hills East
Mill Creek
Irick Lakes
Valley Farm Road
Centerton Road


All areas EAST of Irick Road and NORTH of Woodlane Road (GREEN area on map).

Saddle Ridge
Deerwood Country Club Estates
Club Acres
Westampton Woods
Kings Road
Burrs Road
Oxmead Road
Gilbert, Hill and Dale Roads

Trash Collection Guidelines

* Trash to be collected must be in containers. There is a 40 pound weight limit. Please do not use 96 gallon totes as these will exceed the weight limit. No car parts or metal in the trash.

Appliances/Metal:  Pick up 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month. Call 609-267-1891 ext. 0  by Monday to be put on list.

Brush:  Brush too small for chipper must be tied in bundles or bagged. No more than 4 bundles at curb each trash day. Branches may not be put out in trash cans.

Carpets:  Must be cut into 4’ wide sections and rolled up into bundles no larger than 2’ in diameter.

Construction Material:  Contractors are responsible for removal and disposal of construction material. Small amounts will be collected for homeowners doing their own work limited to 2 containers per week.

Electronics:  No electronics in trash. Electronic Dropoff is at the landfill in Florence; or check the Burlington County website for scheduled pick up dates. TV’s must be taken to Goodwill or the County Landfill (609-499-1001).

Grass Clippings:  Can be placed in trash for routine pickup. Needs to be put in a trash bags (half full), NOT in 96 gallon totes. Grass clippings are not to be mixed in with leaves during the fall.  

Large Trash Items:  One large item only each trash day (items such as a piece of furniture)

Mattresses:  Must be placed in mattress bags (available at hardware stores) so as not to risk bed bugs. Queen and King sized mattreses should also be folded in half and tied.

“Move-Outs”:  We do NOT pick up trash for “move-outs”. If you are moving and have a large amount of trash you will need to contract for a dumpster. Large amounts placed at the curb will NOT be picked up. Apply for a dumpster permit with the Construction Office.  

Wood/Fences:  Must be cut into 4’ lengths or smaller and tied. Only 3 bundles at curb per week.