Municipal Court

Westampton, Eastampton, & Hainesport Township

There will be no in person Municipal Court sessions until further notice.
All sessions will be held virtually by Zoom.


We understand that this is a difficult time, if you can not pay the agreed amount, please submit what you can afford. If you need an extension on a time payment or revision please send an email to Make sure you list your current address and phone number and you will be contacted.

We can't accept a partial payment on a payable ticket, but we can extend the payment date. Please email or call Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday between 9:00am - 12:00pm. Make sure you list your current address and phone number and you will be contacted.

You have the following options to make a payment:
  1. Call the court with a debit/credit card
  2. Drop box in front of building - please include your name and ticket/complaint number
  4. Mail check or money order - please include your name and ticket/complaint number

If you want to plea not guilty and want a court date please go to  (follow instructions below) or email us at ***If you received more than 1 ticket you must dispute all of them separately and you can only dispute a ticket 1 time through this process. (There are a lot of steps but it's easier than it looks)
2. Enter information and click SEARCH *Please note: Prefix is NOT  Ms. Mrs. Mr. (Example. E20, SP5, WT etc.)
3. Click on Dispute Case in sentence (2) Note: If the ticket does not meet the criteria to be disputed, the Dispute Case link will not display and you will have to contact the court. 
4. Enter your username or create an account
Click on the Municipal Case Resolution tab on the top left of the screen (If the Municipal Case Resolution Application does not launch, logoff and login again)
6. Click on Create Dispute Case
7. Enter ticket information again and click search
8. Verify all information and click next
9. Click to certify the terms of the plea agreement
10. Choose the Reason for Dispute and enter the facts in the comment field.
11.Click next
12. Click the box next to the certification statement
13. Upload any documents if applicable
Click submit
This will send your dispute to the Prosecutor for his review. Once reviewed an email notification will be sent to you. (follow steps below)
1. Click on the link in the email and it will bring you back to the original screen that you used to initiate the Dispute.
2.Click on my work link on the top right of screen and the work list will display.
3. Click on open
4. Click on I accept or I reject the recommendation then click submit. If you accept this will be sent to the Judge for final disposition and you will receive an email when final disposition is entered. If you reject reject the recommendation, an email notification will be sent to you that you pay the original offense.



Useful Links:

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Staff Contacts

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