Timbuctoo Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Timbuctoo Advisory Committee is to advise and assist the Township Committee, Land Development Board, all Municipal Departments, Committees and Officials on all issues related to the historic significance of Timbuctoo, according to the Westampton Township Ordinance 6-2015.

Timbuctoo was founded in 1826 by former slaves and free Blacks with the assistance of Quakers. The name Timbuctoo first appeared on deeds in 1831, was seen on maps as early as 1849 and continues to appear on maps today. On March 1, 2011, the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office issued a Certificate of Eligibility Letter indicating that Timbuctoo is eligible to be listed on the New Jersey and National Registries of Historic Places for "its association with the emergence of rural, free Black communities in New Jersey" and for "the ability to contribute important information in African American History."

2020 Meeting Dates

 February 8, May 9, August 22, November 14 @ Noon, Municipal Building

TAC Members

Guy Weston
Mary Weston
Denita Curry
Eric Orange
Lynda Williams
JoAnn Donnelly
Linda Hynes
Carolyn Chang
Anthony DeSilva