Brush Collection

Mandatory Rules

Acceptable for Collection:

4 cubic yards is the maximum amount that we will collect for any homeowner at any one time.  This is a roughly a pile that is 6′ wide, 6′ long and 3′ high. Branches must be placed at the curb (not in the street) in a neat manner with everything facing the same direction.  Unmanageable piles of branches will not be chipped.  No leaves or vines may be mixed in the pile.

Unacceptable for Collection:

Branches may not be left in the street due to new state Stormwater Management rules – this will be enforced by the Police.  Shrubs and branches shorter than 4 feet must be placed in trash, and they must be tied or in paper/plastic bags.  Root balls must be removed, bagged and placed in trash.  They cannot be placed out loose in trash cans.  They will not be picked up by brush crew.

We do not collect brush and limbs where residents have cleared their lots or cut down trees.  You must make arrangements with a tree service to dispose of the limbs or use a truck to take to the landfill when you have over 4 cubic yards.  Contractors removing or trimming trees are responsible for disposal of all tree debris.

*If there is something wrong with your collection it will be marked with an orange sticker telling you what is wrong.

Brush Collection Schedule

Brush Collection begins the first Monday of each month, January through October.  There is no brush collection for the month of November and December.  Branches should be put out no sooner than the weekend before the date of scheduled pickup.

The brush collection crew makes one complete rotation of the township.  We begin on the west end of town (Rancocas Village area) and move east.  Some months it takes 2 weeks or longer to do a complete rotation.  Please be patient.