Snow Removal

Snow Removal Procedures

Each winter storm is different. Factors we consider in deciding when and what to plow and/or sand and salt include how much snow falls, how fast or slow it falls, what time of day it occurs (the two preceding items dictate how badly the snow packs and affects our ability to plow), the temperature when the snow is falling and the temperature anticipated in the days following a storm.  We try to provide the best service possible without having budget costs escalate.

Public Works Policies:

Public Works will plow snow when there are two to four inches on the ground. Plowing is done according to a priority list, with primary roads being plowed first. Please proceed slowly and carefully on secondary residential streets, we will always try our best to have the primary roads clear so that you are inconvenienced only a short distance.

Plows must maintain a minimum speed to throw snow off to the side and will throw snow up on the apron of driveways in passing. It takes 2 or 3 passes to complete a road in heavy snowfalls. In cases of freezing rain or sleet, or less than four inches of snow, we sand and salt all main intersections and hills. It is not possible to sand all streets.

Resident Responsibilities:

Per Township Ordinance, the Public Works Director can declare a snow emergency. When there is such a declaration, vehicles MUST be moved off the streets to allow for thorough snow plowing. The announcement of a snow emergency will be made through an alert on the Township Website. It will also be announced through Nixle, a Reverse 911 and on Township social media platforms. Failure to move a vehicle can result in immediate towing at the owner's expense and/or ticketing.  

Please wait to shovel the ends of your driveways until we have plowed your street. Sidewalks must be shoveled and de-iced within 12 hours after daylight following the conclusion of a storm. Be mindful that if you have a sidewalk on the sides or rear of your property which abut the street, you are responsible for clearing those sidewalks. 

The first priority of all Township employees is the safety of residents; however, these provisions will be enforced. 

Residents are to clear paths to their mailboxes to assure USPS delivery.