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Megan's Law (sexual offender registry)

New Jersey Law requires individuals who are convicted of certain types of offenses which are sexual in nature to register with the local police agency where they live and or attend school. Those individuals meet with a Detective, assigned as the Megan’s Law Liaison, on a quarterly or annual basis depending on their classification to verify address, student status, employment status and provide a list of those with whom the individual resides. Registrants who fail to properly register and  or verify their address are subject to arrest, prosecution and incarceration.

The law prohibits the local law enforcement agency from releasing information on Megan’s Law registrants to the general public except in cases where a Judge orders community notification.

Information concerning registrants who meet certain criteria is available to the general public by visiting one of the websites listed below. The agencies who maintain these websites are authorized by law to post the information and make it available to the general public.