Public Records Request

New Jersey Open Public Records Act (OPRA)

The New Jersey Open Public Records Act (OPRA) established two items important to people seeking local, county or state government information.  First, it provided a definition of what is considered a public government record.  Second, it established a process with timeframes for making formal requests for government records.  The following information below is provided for people seeking to make an OPRA request for Westampton governmental records.  This website provides general information only.

To request a copy of a government record, please submit an Open Public Records Act Request Form specifying the record you seek.

OPRA designates the Westampton Clerk as the official custodian of local government records.  You can pick up a request form at the Municipal Clerk's Office or send your request to the Township Clerk.  Again, please specify the exact document(s) you seek and your response will be on or before 7 days from date of request (excluding weekends and holiday).

More Information About OPRA

Public Records Include:
  • Printed Documents (agendas, minutes, budget worksheets, presentations, contracts, bills & vouchers)
  • Handwritten Documents
  • Books, Maps and Photographs
  • Tape and Video Recordings
  • Computer Records and E-Mail
  • Electronically Stored Information
Exceptions to OPRA:
  1. Where a record does not exist and one must be created to respond to a request.
  2. Information that would jeopardize security.
  3. If the record is electronic, the municipality is not obligated to provide the software to view the record.
  4. Personal information such as social security number, driver license number, and unlisted phone number.
  5. Public Defender files.

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