Environmental Resource Inventory

In 2009, the Township of Westampton (Township) authorized the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission to produce an Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI).  The ERI has been completed and is now available on the Westampton Township web page in electronic form.  Printed copies have been sent to the Burlington County, the Burlington County Library, Rancocas Valley High School and the Westampton Middle School.  The project was supported by a reimbursement grant from the Association of New Jersey’s Environmental Commissions (ANJEC), a state wide non-profit organization that supports local environmental commissions.

The ERI is a compilation of text and visual information about the natural resource characteristics and environmental features of the Township.  The Westampton ERI contains a brief history of the Township, along with descriptions of the geography/topography (slopes), land uses, geology, soils, wildlife/habitats, streams and wetlands, infrastructure and regional relationships. The ERI can be used by residents and educators to teach about the township community and its natural resources.

Because the ERI is able to illustrate the relationship between land use in the Township and its natural resources, it provides a baseline documentation for measuring and evaluating resource protection issues. The Township Planning Board has adopted this document as part of the Township Master Plan.

View the Township of Westampton's 2011 Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI).