Roadway Maintenance Program

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In the spring of 2016, the Township Committee tasked Remington Vernick & Arrango Engineers with reviewing and prioritizing the condition of the Westampton public roads and to establish a Pavement Management Plan. A Pavement Management Plan is designed to be a comprehensive planning tool that provides for improved quality and performance of municipal roads. The plan is intended to serve as a systematic approach to curtail wide-spread road deterioration and to ensure maximized value for road maintenance dollars. The physical characteristics of each Westampton public road was inspected and given a condition rating. Physical characteristics such as alligator cracking, potholes, drainage and ponding problems, pavement polishing, pavement distortion, transverse or longitudinal cracks and riding quality were inventoried. More explanation on each of these conditions can be found on pages 4 through 6.

Recommended road treatments ranged from reconstruction which includes pulverization, stabilization and overlay (PSO) for condition ratings between 0 and 64, resurfacing which includes mill and overlay for condition ratings between 65 and 89 and seal coating or microsurfacing for condition ratings between 90 and 100.

In the resulting report, Westampton public roads can be referenced by:

  • Road name (alphabetically) in Appendix B
  • Condition rating in Appendix C
  • Year of recommended maintenance activity in Appendix D

Please note that the construction costs listed in the attached report are the cost per square yard based on 2016 dollars for the general repairs needed. Other factors such as the types of pavement distresses and safety considerations may result in additional repair recommendations. Furthermore, the costs listed in the report only cover the road improvements not all the engineering and design costs.

For more information, please contact the Township Administrator.

Click here for the Pavement Assessment Map.