Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics:

Animal Control Officer   |   Building Permits   |   Brush Collection   |   Curfew   |   Dog Licenses   |   For Sale Signs   |   Grass Cutting   |   House Numbers   |   Leaf Pickup   |   Recycling   |   Sidewalks  | Snow Removal   |   Stormwater Regulations   |   Street Lights   |   Trash Collection   |   Vacant Properties  |   Vehicle Regulations   |   Yard Sales

Animal Control Officer

  • To report a loose or problem dog or cat call 267-8300. We do not handle wild animals.

Building Permits

  • Please check with the township by calling 609-267-1891 extension 5 to see if a building permit is needed before starting any project. For a general overview, click here.

Brush Collection

  • MANDATORY: No more than 4 cubic yards placed out at one time; branches must be 4’ or longer; no chipping may be placed in the street – this will be enforced by police.
  • 4 cubic yards is the maximum amount that we will chip for any homeowner at one time. This is roughly a pile that is 6’ wide, 6’ long and 3’ high.
  • Begins first Monday of each month.
  • Branches must be 4 foot or longer and placed at the curb (not in the street) in a neat manner with everything facing the same direction; cannot be mixed with trash or vines.
  • Branches should be put out no sooner than the weekend before the date of scheduled pickup.
  • Branches may not be left in the street due to new state Stormwater Management rules.
  • Root balls, shrubs and branches shorter than 4 feet must be placed in trash, they will not be picked up by chipping crew; they must be tied in bundles or placed in bags for the trash.
  • Contractors removing or trimming trees are responsible for disposal of all tree debris.
  • Again, we will not chip huge amounts for residents clearing lots.
  • If there is a problem with your chipping, it will be tagged with an orange sticker with explanation.


  • Anyone under the age of 17 may not be in any public place after 11:00 pm weeknights or 12:00 midnight on weekends.

Dog Licenses

  • All dogs must be licensed each January; late fee is additional $10.00 after January 31st.
  • A free rabies clinic is held in November of each year for cats and dogs. Please check the calendar.
  • There is a leash law that prohibits animals from running at large.
  • All pet owners are required to clean up after their pets if they dirty any private or public area including open space and recreation areas. Persons violating this ordinance may be ticketed and fined.

For Sale Signs

  • For Sale signs and Open House signs may be displayed only on the property for sale.
  • Signs are not allowed on street corners or development entrances except day before Open House.

Grass Cutting

  • Township Ordinances prohibit the accumulation of weeds and debris on properties.
  • Residential areas must be kept free of trash and mowed regularly.
  • Please do not place debris, grass or limbs on Township owned property.

House Numbers

  • House numbers must be displayed and visible from the street.
  • Should be at least 4 inches high and of a contrasting color.
  • Display on a plaque or post if not visible from street.

Leaf Pickup

  • Fall leaf pick up from the beginning of November through the end of December.
  • Leaves are picked up on a continuing rotation with our two leaf vacuums.
  • Rake leaves to curb; Please be advised that under new Stormwater regulations adopted by NJDEP – Leaves may not be placed in the roadway within 10 feet of a storm drain.
  • Please do not mix with trash or other yard debris.
  • Spring pick up one week only, beginning April 15th.
  • Bagged leaves may be brought to Municipal Building Recycling area at any time of year.


  • Place at curb by 6:00 am; Pickup by county every other Friday, please refer to specific dates listed on webiste.
  • Mandatory for paper, cardboard, glass, metal and plastic.
  • Drop off center at Municipal building for the above.
  • Not recyclable: Pizza/food boxes, window/broken glass, packing materials, e.g. Styrofoam.
  • Call the Recycling Hotline at (609) 267-6889 for recycling pickup problems or click here.


  • All sidewalks along streets must be shoveled and de-iced within 24 hours of a storm including sidewalks on the side and rear of your property
  • Sidewalk condition and maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner.

Snow Removal

  • Sidewalks must be shoveled and de-iced within 12 hours following daylight after a storm has concluded. Be mindful that, by ordinances, all sidewalks are to be clear that abut a street. This includes sidewalks in the back of a property.
  • When a snow emergency is declared, all vehicles must be moved off the street to allow for thorough snow plowing. Vehicles left in street are subject to immediate towing and/or ticketing. When a snow emergency is called, it will be listed on the website, on the Township's social media platforms and via Nixle Alert. To instructions on how to sign up to receive Nixle alerts via text or email, click here.
  • Primary streets are plowed first.
  • Please wait to shovel driveways until your street is plowed; snow will be thrown onto your apron during plowing; it takes 3 or 4 passes to plow your street.
  • Sand/salt will be spread on main intersections, hills and primary roads only.
  • Click here for more information.

Stormwater Regulations

  • No mulch stone or other yard landscaping materials may be placed in the street.
  • Protect our Clean Water with the following healthy habits:
    • Limit use of fertilizers and pesticides;
    • Properly use and dispose of hazardous products;
    • Clean up after your pets;
    • Don’t litter and keep storm drains clean of debris.

Street Lights

  • To report a street light out, please call PSE&G at 1-800-436-7734 with your name, address, nearest cross street and pole number (located on pole at eye level) or go to the following link to report it online.

Trash Collection

  • Questions? Call 267-1891 ext. 6.
  • Pickup once a week according to the following schedule: Mondays for those east of Irick Road and south of Woodlane Road, Wednesdays for those west of Irick Road; Thursdays for those east of Irick Road and north of Woodlane. Click here for a color coded map and a list of residential developments by collection day.
  • No trash pick up on New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day – collection will be delayed by one day.
  • Place at curb by 6:00 am; cans cannot be placed at curb prior to evening before pickup.
  • Trash must be in containers and cans cannot weigh over 40 pounds; no earth material, car parts or metal.
  • Appliance and metal pickup the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month; call by Monday to be put on list.
  • Brush too small for chipper – must be tied in bundles or bagged; no more than 4 bundles at curb each trash day; branches may not be put out in trash cans.
  • Bulk/Large trash items – one item only each trash day
  • Carpet must be cut into 4’ wide sections and rolled up into bundles no larger than 2’ in diameter.
  • Construction material: Contractors are responsible for removal and disposal of construction material. Small amounts will be collected for homeowners doing their own work; 2 containers/week.
  • Grass clippings can be placed in trash, but cannot be mixed with leaves. it should be bagged and not placed directly in a container. Be careful that the bags do not weigh more than 40 pounds.
  • Wood/fences – must be cut into 4’ lengths or smaller and tied; only 3 bundles at curb per week.
  • No electronics in trash. Electronic Dropoff is at the landfill in Florence; or check the county website for scheduled pick up dates. TV’s must be taken to Goodwill or the County Landfill - please call (609) 499-1001.
  • No trash collection for “move-outs”. If you are moving and have a large amount of trash you will need to contract for a dumpster. Permits for dumpsters are required.

Vacant properties

  • Vacant properties are to be registered by the Township. For more information, click here.
  • Vacant properties are subject to the same property maintenance requirements as all other residences in the Township.

Vehicle Regulations

  • Unregistered vehicles may not be stored/parked on any property without a permit from the Police. Unregistered vehicles may only be parked in garages or designated driveways.
  • Yard Parking – motor vehicles may not be parked in any yard area – front, side or rear.
  • Recreation vehicles – boats, campers, motor homes, trailers – may not be parked in street; may be parked in driveways, side or rear yards.
  • Trucks four tons and over are prohibited from parking on any township street.
  • All vehicles must be parked with flow of traffic.
  • Cars in driveways cannot block sidewalks.

Yard Sales

  • Two garage/yard sales, up to two days in length, may be held in any twelve month period at no charge. The Township Clerk’s office should be notified of the date, time and place of each yard sale.