The Governor's Executive Order on the Suspension of Construction

Helping Township Residents Understand the Governor’s Executive Order on the Suspension of Construction.


The physical operations of all non-essential construction projects shall cease at 8:00 p.m. on Friday, April 10. “Essential construction projects” include the following: (highlighted are the impacts to our residents)

• Projects necessary for the delivery of health care services, including but not limited to hospitals, other health care facilities, and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

• Transportation projects, including roads, bridges, and mass transit facilities or physical infrastructure, including work done at airports or seaports.

• Utility projects, including those necessary for energy and electricity production and transmission, and any decommissioning of facilities used for electricity generation.

• Residential projects that are exclusively designated as affordable housing.

• Projects involving pre-K-12 schools, including but not limited to projects in Schools Development Authority districts, and projects involving higher education facilities.

• Projects already underway involving individual single-family homes, or an individual apartment unit where an individual already resides, with a construction crew of 5 or fewer individuals.  This includes additions to single-family homes such as solar panels.

• Projects already underway involving a residential unit for which a tenant or buyer has already entered into a legally binding agreement to occupy the unit by a certain date, and construction is necessary to ensure the unit’s availability by that date.

• Projects involving facilities at which any one or more of the following takes place: the manufacture, distribution, storage, or servicing of goods or products that are sold by online retail businesses or essential retail businesses, as defined by Executive Order No. 107 (2020) and subsequent Administrative Orders adopted pursuant to that Order.

• Projects involving data centers or facilities that are critical to a business’s ability to function.

• Projects necessary for the delivery of essential social services, including homeless shelters.

• Any project necessary to support law enforcement agencies or first responder units in their response to the COVID-19 emergency.

• Any project that is ordered or contracted for by Federal, State, county, or municipal government, or any project that must be completed to meet a deadline established by the Federal government.

• Any work on a non-essential construction project that is required to physically secure the site of the project, ensure the structural integrity of any buildings on the site, abate any hazards that would exist on the site if the construction were to remain in its current condition, remediate a site, or otherwise ensure that the site and any buildings therein are appropriately protected and safe during the suspension of the project.

• Any emergency repairs necessary to ensure the health and safety of residents.


So what does this Executive Order mean? Residents who have permits that were issued and work has begun as of April 10th can continue to work on the project as long as there are no more than 5 construction crew on the job. 


Interior Residential inspections will not be done by our Construction Department until the Governor’s Executive Order has been lifted. Any exterior projects may proceed and request the required inspections by email as usual


But what if’s:


Examples: If you decide next week that you want to build a deck, finish your basement or install a pool-that will not be permissible until the Governor’s Executive Order is lifted- Its not “essential” construction. Therefore permits and inspections will not be done 


Examples: If you have a water heater that needs to be replaced because it quit  or an AC/Furnace unit that needs to be replaced if weather temperatures are extreme and it quits -you can have those repairs done as the work is considered an emergency. Also considered minor work which may proceed with the replacement of the equipment and file an application with construction Department within 5 days. These interior residential Inspections will only be scheduled after this Executive Order is lifted.   


We know these are frustrating and trying times for all- Please be patient and we will all get through this. If you have any questions, please email the building department at: 

[email protected] 

Thank you!

Gene Blair 

Construction Official and Building Inspector 

Westampton Township