Items Collected Curbside

Recycling items collected curbside by Burlington County.  Recycling is a state and local law.  Please remember to do your part and recycle.  Recycling saves you tax dollars.  Stricter penalties have recently been approved for non-compliance with State recycling regulations.  Read Single Stream Recycling Guidelines.


  • Acceptable Items:  TV’s, computer components, printers, phones, cell phones, VCR’s, CD’s, DVD’s, small appliances, and rechargeable batters.
  • Rules:  TV's must be taken to the County Landfill or the Goodwill on Route 38.

Paper and Cardboard:

  • Acceptable Items:  Paper, magazines, newspaper, junk mail, paperback books, phone books, brown grocers bags, hardback books (if covers and spine are removed), and shredded paper.  Shredded paper can be put in a paper bag and then into the cart.
  • Rules:  All residents now have carts for paper and cardboard collection.  Flatten cardboard, it can stick out the top of the cart.  No cardboard will be collected unless it is in the cart.  Place your cart in the street against the curb or at the edge of your property.  An automated arm is collecting the carts.  Place the cart with the lid opening facing the street.  Keep the cart away from obstacles including recycling buckets, mail boxes and parked cars.

Plastic, Glass and Cans:

  • Acceptable Items:  Bulky Rigid Plastics, aluminum & steel food and beverage cans, empty aerosol cans (remove cap, leave nozzle), and plastic bottles (must have a #1 or #2 symbol on bottom).
  • Rules:  Place recyclable plastics, glasses and cans in your blue recycling bucket and put at the curb.

Not Recyclable:

  • Non-Acceptable Items:  Pizza/food boxes, window/broken glass, packing materials (styrofoam), and used syringes - place them in a "Sharps" container as part of the Safe Syringe Disposal Program.
  • Rules:  If your trash is found to contain any of the above items, it will not be collected, but will be left at the curb.  You will then be responsible for removing the recyclable items from your trash and it will not be picked up until you do so.  Our trash haulers will face stiff fines and penalties if they bring these items to the landfill in their trucks.  Check out this website for other recycling options.

2017 Recycling Collection Dates

Pick-up every other Friday, please refer to calendar.  Place recyclables at curb by 6:00 am.

  • January 13 & 27

  • February 10 & 24

  • March 10 & 24
  • April 7 & 21
  • May 5 & 19
  • June 3, 16 & 30
  • July 14 & 28
  • August 11 & 25
  • September 9 & 22
  • October 6 & 20
  • November 3 & 17
  • December 1, 15 & 30

2018 Recycling Collection Dates

  • January 12 & 26, 2018

  • February 9 & 23

  • March 9 & 23

  • April 6 & 20

  • May 4 & 18

  • June 2, 15 & 29


Recycling Hotline: (609) 267-6889.  This is the OTC hotline number.  Please call if you have any problems or your recycling is not picked up.  You can also call the Recycling Hotline for a special pick-up, such as a move.  In addition, we have a recycling drop off at the Municipal building for large amounts.