Committee Duties


The Environmental Committee shall have the following functions:

  1. Promoting the conservation and careful management of the natural resources of the Township;
  2. Planning and implementing programs to educate the public about local conservation programs and issues;
  3. Maintain an up-to-date inventory of the Township natural resources, including all relevant mapping and documentation;
  4. Assist the Township Committee in maintaining an up-to-date inventory of all open space and recreation areas, both publicly and privately owned.  Investigate possible appropriate use for publicly owned open space;
  5. Assisting the Land Development Board in the latter’s duties and responsibilities, including input to the Master Plan and long range planning;
  6. Rendering non-binding opinions with respect to any matter referred for review by the land Development Board within thirty (30) calendar days of such referral;
  7. Review and make recommendations with respect to all Environmental I Impact Reports filed by a developer with the Land Development Board;
  8. Act as a clearinghouse and resource for the community on local environmental issues;
  9. To perform such other duties as directed by the Township Committee.